If your child is finding the questions in Doodle too easy or too tricky, you may need to recalibrate their account.

Recalibrating their account will put Doodle back into baseline assessment mode, where it will analyse your child's strengths and weaknesses to ensure the work it sets is at just the right level of challenge.

All of your child's progress will be saved when selecting this option.

To recalibrate the programme:

  1. Log in to any of the Doodle programmes
  2. From the Learning Zone, click on the arrow icon in the top left-hand corner and select Settings
  3. Press on Work programme
  4. Under Mode, press Recalibrate?

Encourage your child to work independently during the baseline assessment, even if they find things a little challenging — this is simply Doodle’s way of working out their strengths and weaknesses. Receiving help at this stage may cause their work to be incorrectly assessed, leading to the programme becoming too challenging.

*Please note that this feature is only available with a Premium home account. Customers using the standard App will need to request recalibration through the Customer Support chat button.

Teachers are able to recalibrate the accounts of school users through the Teacher Dashboard.

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