On DoodleMaths we have different games for different ages.

Children under 6 and a half (real age not DoodleAge) will have access to Balloon Pop, Hungry Donkey, Monkey Mania and Bakery Blast.

Children over 6 and a half will have access to Monkey Mania, Bakery Blast and Maths Explosion.

Balloon Pop and Hungry Donkey are both specifically aimed at Early Years. Hungry Donkey only focuses on addition and number bonds up to 20 while Balloon Pop adapts to the child's DoodleAge and asks questions on Early Years content (recognising numbers and shapes for example).

Monkey Mania, Bakery Blast, and Maths Explosion all test addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. These games are designed to ask harder questions, adapting to a greater difficulty level the more the child uses them.

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