If your child is leaving or moving school and you would like to continue using their Doodle account, you will be able to do this by adding a home subscription to the account. If you add a home subscription to your child's school account they will retain their progress, DoodleAge, stars, streak and avatar.

To do this you will first need to ensure that your child's account is linked to your email address. If you need to do this please follow the steps in the 'How to link a parent account to a child’s school account' article.

When you have done this, please follow these steps to add a home subscription:

  1. Login to the Parent Dashboard
  2. Select Manage > Subscriptions
  3. Depending on whether you wish to add a DoodleMaths and DoodleTables subscription or a DoodleEnglish or DoodleSpell subscription, click on the corresponding 'Get home subscription button'.

4. A pop up will appear prompting you to select your chosen subscription type (monthly or annual) and then enter your payment details.

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