Between the 1st of April and the 30th of April, we invite learners to join one or both of our Spring Challenges — the DoodleMaths Challenge and the DoodleEnglish Challenge!

At a time when rebuilding confidence is more important than ever, the Spring Challenge helps children to get back on track in their learning by encouraging daily Doodling.

Most excitingly, all those who take part can earn a FREE pin badge and certificate for their hard work!

The challenges will run from Thursday 1st of April to Friday 30th of April. The last day to start the Challenges will be on the 23rd April.

Children need to earn 450 stars (or 350 stars if they were born on or after 01/09/13) and achieve a 7-day streak during the Spring Challenge period.

Children with school subscriptions or home subscriptions in DoodleMaths and/ or DoodleEnglish can take part.

As parents all you need to do (and you must do this when your child stars the challenge) is register* your child/children in the challenge through the Parent Dashboard. On the homepage of the Dashboard, you will see a Spring Challenge tile with your child/children's names. You'll be prompted to register and join in with the challenge with a 'register in Challenge' link. By clicking on this, your child will have been registered in the Challenge where they'll receive a confirmation email and two progress progress bars will appear (one for star count and another for streak count). This will help you and your child keep a running tally of streak and stars goals throughout the challenge.

*If your child has a school account, please ensure you have linked your parent email to the account first! For instructions on how to do this please see this article.

Once your child has completed the Challenge by reaching their target, you can claim your child's reward by logging in to the Parent Dashboard and pressing 'Submit entry' next to your child's name. If your child has a home subscription, their reward will be sent to their home address. If your child has a school subscription, their reward will be sent directly to school.

Although there is no requirement for this, please feel free to share with us how your child is getting on through social medial, using the hashtag #DoodleLearningChallenge - we love to see what you've been getting up to!

For more information, please see our Spring Challenge FAQs (, or reach out to our customer support team who are available to contact via the green chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner of our website or the Parent Dashboard.

Happy Doodling!

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