We have moved away from focusing on individuals total star earnings or long streaks as a rewards strategy in response to many teachers communicating to us that this was encouraging unhealthy usage habits among their students.

We recommend that you reward those students who have met their weekly target and are in their green zone, rather than focus on individual stars earned or streak counts, as this is a much better indicator of attainment, encourages healthy usage of our apps and motivates all children to continue with their daily Doodling.

Why not try rewarding your Top Doodling class each week? Simply login to the Teacher Dashboard and check the Top Doodlers leader-board on the homepage. Here you will be able to see the class with the highest percentage of students on target (in their green zone). Reward this class in your weekly celebration assembly with a Top Doodlers trophy and 10 minutes extra play time/golden time (something really tempting!).

In addition, class teachers should reward every student in their class who is on target on a weekly basis - this recognises their hard work and helps keep them motivated! Teachers simply need to login the Teacher Dashboard and go to Analyse > Goals and Targets. Once they have selected their class they will see those students who are within their green zone. Why not reward them with them with a Doodle certificate, sticker or house/Dojo point?

Finally, share your students' Doodling achievements with us on Twitter? Every Friday at 3.30 we have our virtual Doodle Celebrations! Simply tag @DoodleMaths or @DoodleEnglish and use thehashtag #DoodleCelebrations - we love to see what you've been getting up to!

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