All of the features within My Friends can be enabled or disabled depending on your school's preferences. To do this please follow the steps in this article

Children can view one another’s progress and avatars. We have allowed children to view the progress of their peers, because every child is receiving questions which are suitable for their level of ability. If your lowest attaining pupil in the class is working really hard, he or she will be top of the leaderboard. Children only ever see effort-related statistics and they are only able to see their classmates. They cannot delete friends or add new friends. 

Secret Files
If you tap on the Secret Files (one of the folders with someone’s name on it), the child can view their peer's avatar by clicking on the red tab. In the top left corner there, you can see a thumbs up. Tapping on this allows you to send a congratulatory message to a friend. These have been pre-written and the children simply select which one they would like to send.
Tapping on the blue ‘report’ tab, you can see the effort-related statistics of your friend. Again, tapping the little thumbs up will allow you to send one of those pre-written messages.
Finally, the green ‘messages’ tab will show a record of any messages that have been sent. 

If Secret Files is enabled, children can send and receive messages. However, you can feel confident that the messages children are sending and receiving are 100% positive and safe because they are all pre-written by Doodle and uneditable by the child. 

On the right hand side, we have the messaging feature: this is automatically switched off but if you would like to turn it on, you can do so via the Teacher Dashboard. At the cost of one Doodle Star, children can send messages to each other through the app. These are written by the children. However, we have a rude world filter, and all messages can be downloaded via the Teacher Dashboard by going to Manage > Students > Selecting the class > Ticking the box next to the students' name > From the Action menu above choose 'Download Message History' followed by Apply. The Messaging feature could be used for your older students as a safe introduction into social media.

Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame (Leaderboards) will show the top 10 Doodlers in the class by stars earned or by streak in the past 7 days. Again, children ‘like’ their peers achievements and send only the pre-written Doodle messages by tapping on the thumbs up.

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