14th January 2020: We are aware that in the instance that DoodleMaths is downloaded as an app on Chromebook through Google Play, there are instances where it times out during log in. This is particularly exacerbated when multiple students or a whole class tries to log in simultaneously.
We are looking into this issue currently, but unfortunately it is caused by a bug in Corona, the third-party SDK we use to develop and build our applications. The consequence is that we are largely dependent on them finding a solution.
If you are experiencing these issues in school, we recommend you uninstall the application and use our web-browser app instead at https://students.doodlemaths.com which has almost all the functionality of the Google Play app but is not affected by this issue and does not require installation.
We apologise for this is, and would appreciate it if you could let your Doodle Account Manager know in the instance that you have been affected by it.

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