In order to support any areas of weakness and supplement learning you may wish to add extras for your child. These will then appear on their home screen under Extras.

To add, analyse, remove or create Extras for the different subjects, don't forget to switch between the programme icons on the Dashboard. This article will assist you with this if you're unsure. 

To add extras, log onto the Parent Dashboard
You need to hover over Extras and select Assign Extras.
Search for the relevant ARE (Age Related Expectations or topics they are expected to learn at this age) or scroll through.
Click on the ARE title to view which lessons are available. Click on the lesson heading to view the questions or click Add to assign.
Select when the Extra will become available (you can get ahead, and set different Extras to appear on different days of the week!) and who you would like to receive the Extra.
Be sure to click Add once you have finished.
We recommend only adding one Extra at a time to a child's account.

Here you can view how well your children have done on any Extras assigned in the previous four weeks.
You will see an overview of all Extras added for your child(ren). You will be able to see if they have completed the Extra and how well they have done by hovering over the circle.
You can go into the Extra and look at how well that child has got on with the specific questions by clicking on the title of the extra added which appears at the top of the table.
This will show you which questions your child answered correctly or incorrectly.
Hover over the star to see what the specific question was. 

You can also delete assigned Extras from here by clicking on Remove All or the little bin icon. 

Deleting Extras
You are able to delete an Extra added to an account, through this 'Analyse' section. However, in order to delete it, the child must not have opened the activity or begun the exercise.
Once the Extra has been opened, the child will be asked to complete this at the start of their daily Doodling, as the activity of highest priority.  This will happen until the child achieves a score of at least 75% in the activity (indicated that they have understood the topics), at which point the Extra is considered to be completed.
If, however, the child has started the Extra, you will not be able to delete or remove the extra.  In this instance, if you require the extra to be removed, please contact our customer service advisors via the chat bubble on the screen.

If you'd like to create your own extras, you can!
To create a Custom Extra, click on the Create An Extra button.
Insert a lesson title, year group and description, then start adding your questions. Always put the correct answer in answer A. Once published, this will be randomised.
Once you have finished, save your Extra.
Click on the Extra to either assign the lesson or delete it.

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