• When your child is logged into the app tap on the purple button in the middle of the bottom row (Grown Ups). 
  • If you already have a parent account linked to your child's account you will see a grey speech bubble with a space. Tap in the white space and input the parent password, then press the 'done' button which is shown in red.
  • If not, tap on the dark green box on the left hand side 'create parent account'. Then tap on the box that appears in the middle and fill out your details and then tap on the grey arrow head in the bottom right hand corner next to the grey text 'create parent account'. You will then have successfully created a parent account. Tap on the rocket icon 'let's go!'.

  • You will then be taken to the Grown Ups page where you can see the grey Settings button in the bottom left corner. Tap on this and then scroll down to the country row (the one below the date of birth) and tap on that to select the country and language required.
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