Once you get your login you can access the Teacher Dashboard. Here you can edit your teacher account details, classes, students and teachers as well as being able to track your students progress. Features include:

  1. Easy reporting

Illustrate the positive impact of Doodle on attainment by exporting and manipulating data for groups of children, individuals and your whole class.

   2. Analyse effort
See how students are performing against our healthy-usage indicators.

  3. Gap analysis
Improved screen layouts in Analyse Gaps allow you to quickly identify gaps in students' knowledge and identify which pupils have not yet mastered a particular ARE.

  4. View progress
Quickly see changes in Doodle Ages over a range of time periods with improved visualisation.

  5. Programme health
Gain an insight into Doodle's intelligent ProximaTM algorithm, enabling you to see time spent on questions, tricky questions saved and more. 

For a full guide, please see A Guide to the Teacher Dashboard.

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