The Parent Dashboard allows you to view your child's progress, edit their details and manage your subscription. 

You can log in to the Parent Dashboard by using the login details you created when you signed up.


When you first log in, you'll be presented with the homepage. On the left-hand side of the screen you'll see Notifications. This box contains the latest news from Doodle and your child's achievements and activity across the Doodle programmes.

On the right-hand side you'll see an overview of your child's progress in the Top Doodlers box. Press on Targets or Stars to see if your child is on track to reach their weekly target (the number of stars Doodle has challenged them to earn) and how many stars they've earned over the last 7 days.

Click on the subject icons in the top right-hand corner to view this information for each Doodle programme.



Here you can view details about your subscription, including the subscription type (home or school), the purchase store (website, Apple, Google, Android) and when your next payment is due. This will allow you to keep track of any subscriptions you may have.

  • Adding and updating accounts

To add a new child to your account, click on the Add an account for my child button in the top right-hand corner. A pop-up will prompt you to fill in your child's details, including the option to link them to their school. Select Add to save your changes. 

To add one of your children to a school account, click on the Add my child's school account icon and follow the instructions in the pop-up.

To edit a child's details (for example, to reset their password or change their school), click on the pencil icon next to their name. Press Save when you've finished updating their details. 

  • Upgrading to Doodle Premium

To upgrade a child to Doodle Premium, press on the red Get home subscription button next to their name in the Maths and Tables Subscription or English and Spell Subscription column, depending on the subscription type you'd like.

You'll then be able to select a Monthly or Annual subscription and enter a voucher code if you have one. For more information about pricing, please see this article.

  • Cancelling subscriptions and deleting accounts

To cancel a subscription, click on the pencil icon next to your child's name and select Subscriptions at the top. Here you can Cancel your subscription. If your subscription is through an external app provider (e.g. Apple), please follow the steps for your provider in this article

To delete a child's account, please ensure you've cancelled their subscription if they have Doodle Premium. Then, click on the pencil icon next to their child's name and select Delete in the bottom left hand corner. Please ensure you want to delete the account, including all of their data, as once this is deleted we cannot retrieve it. 


Analyse lets you view a wealth of information to let you see your child's progress. 

  • Effort

Effort lets you see how often your child has been using Doodle, how many stars they've earned and whether they've met their weekly target set by Doodle.

You can choose the time period you'd like to view their Doodling over and use the subject icons to toggle between the Doodle programmes.

The table shows how many stars your child earned and whether they met their target over the selected time period.

The horizontal line represents their target (the number of stars Doodle challenged them to earn over the chosen time period), while the blue bars represent the number of stars they earned each day. You can also hover over a bar to view the number of stars they earned on a particular day and their streak.

  • Understanding

Understanding lets you see your child's level of understanding of each year group's curriculum content and identify any gaps in their knowledge.

The table shows how well your child understands each year group's curriculum content. If your child is older than five, you can view their understanding of national curriculum age-related expectations (AREs) in each year group by clicking the arrow icon next to a year group.

The traffic light system represents their level of understanding for each year group and ARE.

If you feel your child would benefit from extra practise in a particular area, click on the arrow to the left of the ARE to expand that topic, then click on the add sign to add it as an Extra to your child's work programme.

If your child has completed a baseline assessment, you can press on it to compare it against their current level understanding.

  • Progress

Progress lets you view your child's progress in the Doodle programmes and set a goal for them.

You can select the timeframe you'd like to view your child's progress over in the top-right hand corner and whether you'd like to view changes in their DoodleAge or the % of End of Year Objectives they've covered.

The chart shows how your child's DoodleAge or the % of EoY objectives they've covered have changed over the selected time period. You can click on a bar to gain a more in-depth insight into their progress for that particular day.

You can also set your child a goal to help them reach key learning milestones, such as increasing their DoodleAge by one year. Goals are a great way to help your child progress if they need a little more support in their learning. To do this, click on the blue button in the box called Goals.


You can set extra work in any topic of the curriculum you'd like your child to practice, which are known as Extras.

Extras are a great way to supplement your child's learning and build their understanding of topics they feel less confident about.

  • Assign

You can add an Extra into your child's work programme by clicking on Assign.

  1. Hover over Extras and select Assign
  2. Toggle between the programme icons to select whether you'd like to set an Extra in DoodleMaths, DoodleTables, DoodleEnglish and DoodleSpell. Please view this article for more information.
  3. Search for a topic or scroll through the relevant AREs (Age Related Expectations or topics they are expected to learn at this age)
  4. Click on an ARE title to view the available lessons and press the plus icon next to the lesson of your choice
  5. Select when you'd like the Extra to appear in their work programme and press Add
  6. The Extra will appear in their work programme as an Extra icon in the Learning Zone on the specified day
  • Analyse

Use Analyse to view how well your children have done on any Extras assigned to them in the last four weeks.

  1. Hover over Extras and select Analyse
  2. You'll see an overview of the Extras which have been added for your child. From here, you can see if they completed each Extra and how well they preformed by hovering over the circle.
  3. To see how your child scored for specific questions in the Extra, click on the title of the Extra

You can also delete assigned extras from here by clicking on Remove all

  • Custom

If you'd like to create your own extras, you can! To do this:

  1. Hover over Extras and select Custom
  2. Select an icon in the top right-hand corner to decide if you'd like the Extra to appear in DoodleMaths, DoodleEnglish, DoodleTables or DoodleSpell
  3. Press the blue Create an Extra button
  4. Type in a lesson title and select your child's year group. Add your questions into the box labelled Question 1 and put the correct answer in box A. Press Next question to add another question. Once published, the list will be randomised.
  5. Once you've added your questions, press Save
  6. Your Extra will then appear in your child's Learning Zone as an Extra icon

My account

To view your account information, click on your name in the top right-hand corner of the screen and select My account.

From here, you can change your name, password and email address. Press the blue Update button to save any changes. You can also delete your account in this area. 

If you need any help, please click on the green icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to chat to our Customer Support team, who will be happy to assist you!

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