Added Extras are added in two ways: 

  1. Doodle will automatically add in a 15-question lesson to remediate a weaker area.
  2. Teachers can assign Added Extras from the Teacher Dashboard.

If Added Extras are assigned by the app, this will form part of the programme. If they are assigned by the teacher, they will not contribute to the personalised programme. Generally, children should be using the app-assigned activities each day, with some top ups from the teacher, if required. If a teacher assigns an extra, that will take priority and everything else will be locked except that extra. You have the option of adding extras that we have already created, or of creating your own.

To Add Extras:

  1. Hover over Extras and select Assign Extras
  2. Search for the relevant ARE or scroll through.
  3. Click on the blue arrow to the left of the ARE title to view which lessons are available. 
  4. Click on the lesson heading to view the questions or click Add to assign. 
  5. Select when the extra will become available and who you would like to receive the extra. 

To add extras for a specific students please follow either of these steps:

  1. To add an extra in an ARE area they have already covered:
  •  Select Analyse > Gaps
  •  Select their class and ensure Students is selected at the top of the page. Select the student you wish to add the extra to on the left hand side of the page. Their name will then turn from light blue to dark blue to show they have been selected. 
  • Click on the arrow to left of the ARE to expand that topic, then click on the add sign in order to add an extra in that area.

2. To add an extra in an ARE area they haven't already covered 

  •  Select Analyse > Gaps > select the class and ensure ARE is selected at the top of the page. 
  • You can then choose the year, ARE area and specific ARE and select Apply. Once you have done this, boxes will appear next to the students' names. To add to the extra for that student tick the both and then select Add Extra which will then appear at the top of the page. 
  • You will then be prompted to select which topic from this ARE you would like to add as an extra to that child's account.

If you would like to create a Custom Extra, follow these steps:

  • Extras > Custom
  • Click on the Create An Extra button. 
  • Insert a lesson title, year group and description, then start adding your questions. Always put the correct answer in answer A. Once published, this will be randomised
  • Once you have finished, Save your extra
  • Click on the extra to either assign the lesson, delete the lesson, or share it with your colleagues. 
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