1. When does the Summer Challenge take place?

1st July-1st September. All entries must be received by 4th September.

2. When will my child receive their award?
We aim to deliver all awards by Friday 4th October

3. Where will the reward be delivered to?

If your child has a school premium account the rewards will be sent to their school. Please make sure that you put the school name on the entry form. If your child has a home premium account, the rewards will be sent to your home address.

If your child is leaving school at the end of term, please put their home address on the entry form so we can ensure they receive their reward.

3. Who can take part?
All premium users of DoodleMaths or DoodleEnglish can take part - this can be a school premium subscription or a home premium subscription. 

4. What does my child need to do?
To enter the Summer Challenge for either DoodleMaths or DoodleEnglish your child needs to earn 750 stars and a 14 day streak between 1st July and 1st September. You can keep track on this by printing our challenge sheet which is available to download here. You don't have to fill out the challenge sheet. 

5. What do I need to do?

There are two things you need to do: 

  •  Post a photo or comment about your child using DoodleMaths twice on social media (this can be Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) and tag @DoodleMaths or @DoodleEnglish and use the hashtag #DoodleMathsChallenge or #DoodleEnglishChallenge. There are a few different ways to do this:

Posting - a photo, video or comment on your Facebook Wall, Twitter Feed or Instagram Account about your child using DoodleMaths.

Stories - adding a photo or video to your Instagram or Facebook story.

Reviews and Recommendations On Facebook - you can now post a review or recommend products. We'd really appreciate this!

  • When your child has completed the challenge you need to fill out the online entry form which is available here

6. Does my post have to be public?
No, your post doesn't have to be public for the entry to be valid. However, if you'd like us to respond to your post and offer your child some words of encouragement then the post does need to be public. 

7. What if I don't use social media? 

The DoodleMaths Challenge is both a challenge and a promotion. The challenge is for the children; the use of social media promotes the challenge, and DoodleMaths, which in turn helps to cover the cost of the administration of the challenge, the prizes, postage and packaging. We completely understand that some parents do not use social media, may prefer not to post anything about their children, or write a review. If you would prefer not to complete the promotional part of the #DoodleMathsChallenge, we kindly request that you purchase the rewards from our Doodle Rewards Shop, where they are available at cost price.

If you don't use social media, you could always ask a friend or family member to post on your behalf. As long as you let us know the social media handle used on your entry form we will be able to find and verify your child's entry. You don't have to include your child's photo or name in the post if you do not wish to.

8. Is the DoodleMaths Challenge different to DoodleEnglish Challenge?

Yes! The DoodleMaths and DoodleEnglish Challenge are separate. 

9. Can my child take part in both challenges?

Yes!  However, these are separate. If your child takes part in both, they need to earn 750 stars for both DoodleEnglish and 750 stars for DoodleMaths, and have a 14 day streak for both DoodleEnglish and a 14 day streak for DoodleMaths. You would need to post on social media twice for DoodleMaths and twice for DoodleEnglish and complete 2 entry forms. 

10. Can my child use DoodleTables or DoodleSpell?

Yes! DoodleTables is a part of DoodleMaths and DoodleSpell is a part of DoodleEnglish.

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