Make sure your device is not on mute! It may seem silly to say it but in order for sound to work on our apps, you need to have the volume turned up and the device off mute.

On Android devices, the Media volume will also need to be turned up.

If none of that worked for you, please check the text to speech voice you have selected on your device:

From an iPad or iPhone;
Go to Settings > Accessibility > Spoken Content > Voices
Tap on your language and then choose from the selection of voice. We think that Serena or Oliver* work most effectively.
*please note than Oliver will not work with our app for Mac

From Android devices;
Go to System Settings > Language & Input > Text-to-speech output
Hit the gear icon next to the Google text to speech option
Click on Language in the settings screen.

In order to programme to read the questions, the device being used requires text to speech. Unfortunately, Windows does not currently support text to speech, therefore the sound will not work on the apps for PC. This is also why we do not have a Windows app for DoodleSpell. However, all of our programmes can be accessed via our browser versions (which use the text to speech) using a Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox browser:

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