It's really important that children can keep their hard-earned DoodleStars, and that we can retain all their progress data that is so informative when developing their work programme. 

Ask the parent to link their child's account to your school via the Parent Dashboard or their child's DoodleMaths app.

You can send them this link to an article, that shows them how;

Once the parent has connected your school to their home account, log into the Teacher Dashboard and you will see a list of Unverified Students.

Simply choose the correct class from the dropdown and click Update.
The parents will still be able to see their child's account.

If now, you have 2 accounts for this child, keep the one they've been working on most recently and has the most stars earned and archive the other.

Note: It is essential children do not have two accounts - they end up with a half-baked work programme on each account.

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