If you child hasn't used the app for a while, or if something has gone wrong with the initial calibration process, the questions may appear too easy or too hard. In this instance you may need to recalibrate their account. 

You can recalibrate a child's account by logging into the Parent dashboard and selecting Manage, then Children;

To the right of the child, you wish to recalibrate, select Force Recalibration (found under the actions menu).

Your child's account will now be in calibration mode.

Open up their DoodleMaths app and let them answer the series of questions that will help determine their level. Once your child has attempted all the questions, the account will be recalibrated to the child's correct level.

Note: It is important that you let them have a go themselves and try not to help - this may cause the questions to become too hard. It's also important to note that if the child is finding the questions in calibration mode difficult, not to worry - it will adjust to the right level when calibration mode is over.

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