The number of questions in your child's daily lesson. This number depends upon their age/ability (it can be between 5-10).

New this week

Lessons unlocked every week based on your child's daily lessons.


These are the extra topics you have added for your child.


Children can play games and earn extra stars, while still learning.

Grown ups

This is your section, accessible by a password where you can edit your child's details

My pages

Here, children can track their own progress as well as their friends and visit their robot

A guide to the corner icons;

Tap this information icon, at anytime on the app, to hear a description of each feature. 

Tap this sign out icon at the end of a child's session.

We want to encourage children to Doodle little and often. To help keep them on track, every child has a target number of stars to earn in a week. This icon shows your child whether they are in their green target zone or not. The motivational features (Games and My Pages) will only be unlocked once they have completed their daily learning and are in their target zone.

If your child taps on their 'my 7-day target', they will see exactly how many stars they earned in the last 7 days and how many of their hard earned Doodle stars that they have to spend within My Pages.

This shows the version of the app and whether the data from the app has synchronised to the server.
Green ticks are good.

If you see a red x simply tap on it, make sure you have data connection and click Retry.

The data from the app will sync to our servers.

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